City Smile

In the City Smile game, the objective is to change all the smiley into a smiling smiley. Click on the smiling smiley, and then drag a line to another smiley. When there are 2 or more smile smileys, you can combine them together to drag line.

City Smile is a charming puzzle game that presents players with the delightful task of transforming all the neutral smiley faces into happy, smiling ones. To achieve this objective, players must first click on a smiling smiley and then connect it to another smiley by dragging a line. When there are at least two smiling smileys connected together, players can combine them by drawing a line.

The gameplay in City Smile revolves around carefully planning connections and utilizing strategy to ensure that all smiley faces within the game board are eventually turned into happy, smiling ones. With its engaging and colorful design, City Smile offers an enjoyable and mentally stimulating experience for players who appreciate puzzle-solving games that involve connecting and transforming elements to achieve a cheerful outcome.