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Electropede 2: Neopede

Electropede 2 – Neopede is a shooting game in which the plane keeps firing automatically, and you just need to move the plane moving the mouse pointer.

Electropede 2: Neopede is an action-packed shooting game that simplifies gameplay mechanics for an intense, fast-paced experience. In this game, players control a plane that continuously fires automatically, eliminating the need to manually shoot. Instead, players maneuver the plane by moving the mouse pointer across the screen, allowing them to navigate through waves of enemies and dodge incoming threats.

The objective in Electropede 2: Neopede is to survive for as long as possible while obliterating enemy forces and collecting power-ups to enhance the plane’s abilities. With its streamlined controls and relentless action, the game offers an exciting challenge for players who enjoy shoot ’em up games that focus on dynamic movement and rapid-fire combat. Electropede 2: Neopede promises an exhilarating experience as players pilot their plane through waves of adversaries in a battle for survival and high scores.