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Enjoy Prizma Puzzle 3

“Prizma Puzzle 3” marks the third installment in an engaging series of logic-based puzzle games, designed to challenge and stimulate players’ intellects. Similar to its predecessors, this game beckons players to embark on a journey through a multitude of levels brimming with intricate pathways and nodes, aptly named ‘prizmas’.

In this captivating gameplay experience, the objective is to illuminate each prizma by directing a laser beam across them, commencing from the starting point and culminating at the endpoint. However, a compelling twist awaits players as each prizma has a limited number of traversals before it extinguishes, elevating the importance of selecting the optimal path. Players must employ strategic thinking to chart their course, evade obstacles, and harness the unique capabilities of special nodes scattered throughout the levels. As the game unfolds, new layers of complexity and hazards emerge, challenging players to anticipate multiple moves ahead. “Prizma Puzzle 3” promises a captivating adventure, inviting players to dive in and test their strategic acumen, honing their ability to navigate the world of prizmas with precision and expertise.