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Spooky Version of Temple Run 2

“Temple Run 2: Spooky Summit” is a special Halloween-themed version of the popular endless runner game “Temple Run 2,” developed by Imangi Studios. This edition of the game adds a spooky twist to the Temple Run experience, making it a perfect fit for the Halloween season.

In “Spooky Summit,” the gameplay remains true to the original Temple Run 2, where players run through an endless path, avoiding obstacles and collecting coins. What sets this version apart is its eerie Halloween theme. Players find themselves navigating treacherous trails filled with new spooky elements such as poisonous slimy rivers, haunted pumpkin ghosts, and other Halloween-inspired obstacles. The environment is designed to give players a chilling yet thrilling experience as they escape from the evil demonic apes.

One of the unique aspects of “Spooky Summit” is the transformation of the player’s character into a werewolf. This adds to the Halloween atmosphere and gives a fresh feel to the game. The map for Spooky Summit is designed to add excitement and a new layer of challenge to the familiar gameplay of Temple Run 2, keeping players engaged with its thematic elements.

The controls for “Spooky Summit” are the same as the original game, using the AD or Left/Right arrow keys for movement, the W or Up arrow key to jump, and the S or Down arrow key to slide. On mobile devices, players use swipe gestures for these actions. This makes the game accessible to both new players and those familiar with Temple Run 2.

Overall, “Temple Run 2: Spooky Summit” is an entertaining variant of the classic game, offering players a familiar yet distinctively new adventure. Its Halloween theme is well-executed, providing a fun and spooky experience that fits well with the endless running and obstacle-avoiding mechanics of the original game.