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About the game

“Subway Surfers: Bali” is a captivating installment in the Subway Surfers series, offering players an adventurous journey through the beautiful island of Bali. Released on July 18, 2019, this edition is set against the backdrop of Bali’s picturesque landscapes, featuring ancient temples, lush jungles, and bustling markets.

The game introduces a new character, Mei, a summer-loving surfer, along with a new board called Naga. Players can explore the vibrant and colorful streets of Bali, bringing a distinctively Indonesian flair to the game. The weekly hunt tokens in this edition are Jasmine Flowers, adding a unique cultural element to the gameplay.

As with other versions of Subway Surfers, players control their character (Jake, Tricky, or Fresh) to evade a grumpy Inspector and his dog. The gameplay involves running, jumping, and sliding to avoid obstacles and collect coins. Power-ups like jetpacks, magnets, and hoverboards assist players in their escape.

The controls are intuitive, with swiping and tapping actions to navigate the character. Players aim to collect as many coins as possible by running the longest distance, utilizing the environment, such as pillars and walls, to avoid obstacles.

Unique features of the Bali edition include new obstacles like traditional Balinese architecture and temples, as well as power-ups that are themed around the island’s culture. The game is enhanced by traditional Balinese music, adding to the immersive experience.