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Playing Surfers Singapore Tour

“Subway Surfers: Singapore” is a vibrant and exciting installment in the Subway Surfers series, developed by SYBO Games. Released on 26 September 2019, the game takes players on a thrilling adventure through the streets of Singapore, showcasing iconic landmarks and cultural elements of the city.

In this edition, players control Jake, Tricky, or Fresh as they navigate the beautiful gardens by the bay, surf past the magnificent Merlion statue in the park near the bustling business district, and run through the lush Botanic Gardens. The Singapore edition brings back the character Jia, along with the Lion board. It also introduces a new character called Maeko and a new board named Retro Wave. Players can pick up beautiful orchids as part of the Weekly Hunt, offering additional rewards.

The gameplay mechanics remain consistent with the rest of the series. Players need to run, jump, slide, and dodge obstacles while collecting coins. Power-ups like jetpacks, magnets, and hoverboards can be utilized to assist in the journey. The game features intuitive controls with simple swipe and tap gestures for navigation and activating power-ups.

Unique to the Singapore edition are new obstacles reflective of the local environment, like banana peels and construction cones. The game is enhanced with a soundtrack of traditional Singaporean music, adding to the immersive experience of racing through the city’s streets.