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About This Subway Surfers Game

“Subway Surfers: Beijing” is an immersive edition of the popular mobile endless runner game Subway Surfers, developed by SYBO Games. In this version, the game is set against the backdrop of the vibrant streets of Beijing, China, offering players a unique cultural and gaming experience.

Players control familiar characters like Jake, Tricky, or Fresh, as they dash through Beijing’s streets, trying to escape from the grumpy Inspector and his dog. The game’s mechanics involve running, jumping, and sliding to avoid various obstacles and collecting coins. Players can enhance their gaming experience with power-ups such as jetpacks, magnets, and hoverboards, which help in evading obstacles and gathering more coins.

Unique to the Beijing edition are the game’s obstacles and scenery, which include traditional Chinese architecture, pandas, and even the Great Wall of China. Power-ups specific to this edition, like the Panda Powerup, provide a temporary speed boost, while the Great Wall Powerup offers protection against obstacles for a short duration. The game also introduces a new character, the Beijinger, adding to the local flavor of the edition.

Controls are straightforward, using taps and swipes on the screen to navigate the character. Players are encouraged to stay on top of trains to avoid obstacles, use power-ups wisely, and collect coins for upgrades, which enhance the character’s speed and agility.