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About Museum Of Thieves

“Museum of Thieves” is a captivating puzzle game developed by DifferenceGames, set in the fictional City of Jewel. This unique game is based on the first book of the Keepers Trilogy by Lian Tanner. The story revolves around Goldie Roth, a young resident of Jewel, a repressive society where impatience is a sin and boldness a crime. Like all children in the city, Goldie is bound to obey the Blessed Guardians and wears a silver guardchain. However, on the cancellation of Separation Day, she escapes to the mysterious Museum of Dunt.

In the Museum of Dunt, only those with a thief’s cunning can navigate its strange and shifting rooms. Goldie, who possesses a natural talent for thieving, finds herself in this labyrinthine museum. The game challenges players to spot the differences in beautifully illustrated scenes to progress through the museum. The gameplay reflects the narrative’s themes of exploration, discovery, and the quest for freedom.

What makes “Museum of Thieves” intriguing is its underlying story. The Blessed Guardians have ominous plans for the museum, threatening everyone Goldie loves. Inside the museum, there are both wonderful and terrible things, and the latter must not escape into the city. This element of danger adds an exciting edge to the puzzle-solving experience, as players must be vigilant and smart to navigate through the game.