About Free Running Game

“Free Running” is an online parkour game developed by Miniclip that allows players to experience the thrill of free-running and parkour in a virtual urban environment. Players control a character who performs various parkour movements such as running, jumping, climbing, and flipping through different cityscapes. The game’s objective is to navigate through levels, performing stunts and overcoming obstacles with agility and precision.

The game features realistic parkour moves and challenges players to demonstrate skill and creativity in their movements. Players can climb walls, perform flips, and use the cityscape to showcase their free-running abilities. “Free Running” is designed with a focus on fluid movement and realism, capturing the essence of the sport.

Controls in “Free Running” are straightforward, using the arrow keys for navigation and the ‘X’ key for jumping and climbing. The game offers a variety of levels with increasing difficulty, challenging players to master the art of parkour in different urban environments. It’s a great game for those who enjoy action, sports, and adventure games, especially fans of parkour and free-running​​​​​​​​.