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Fireboy and WaterGirl 4

You can also play Fireboy and Watergirl 5.

Fireboy and WaterGirl 4 In the Crystal Temple is a 2 players cooperation game in which one player must help another player to complete the task.

“Fireboy and WaterGirl in The Crystal Temple” is a dynamic entry in the acclaimed cooperative puzzle-platformer series that introduces players to an intricate world of reflective crystals and teleportation. This installment challenges gamers to strategically use mirrors and crystal portals to navigate through the temple, requiring precise teamwork between Fireboy, who thrives in fiery environments, and WaterGirl, who excels in aquatic settings. The game’s levels are ingeniously designed to leverage the unique properties of light and reflection, compelling players to solve puzzles by bending light paths and teleporting across different sections of the temple to reach the exit safely.

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