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Fireboy and WaterGirl

Fireboy and WaterGirl in the Forest Temple is the first version of the game and there are 3 more versions that have been released to play. You will find the links below.

The series began with “Fireboy and WaterGirl in The Forest Temple,” where players first meet the elemental pair and guide them through a labyrinth of platforming challenges and puzzles. Set within a lush, verdant temple filled with traps, switches, and secrets, this game lays the foundation for the series’ mechanics of dual-character control and environmental puzzles. Players must adeptly switch between Fireboy and WaterGirl, using their elemental strengths to bypass hazards and solve puzzles that require both characters to work in tandem. The Forest Temple sets the stage for the adventures to come, introducing players to a world where fire and water, despite their opposing natures, can achieve extraordinary things together.

Fireboy and WaterGirl 2  |  Fireboy and Watergirl 3  |  Fireboy and Watergirl 4