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“Tomb Run – Tomb of the Mask” is a browser adaptation of the widely popular mobile arcade game “Tomb of the Mask”. In this game, players dash through a labyrinth of maze-like levels, collecting dots and navigating through the maze to reach the end. The game is recognized for its engaging gameplay and retro-inspired graphics, making it a favorite among arcade game enthusiasts​​.

The game starts with the player character, a tomb raider, entering a tomb and discovering a strange mask. Upon wearing this mask, the character gains the ability to climb walls swiftly, which introduces new dynamics and fun into the gameplay. This aspect is central to the game as players navigate through intricate labyrinths, facing various challenges along the way​​.

“Tomb of the Mask” is designed with an infinite procedurally generated vertical labyrinth, offering a unique experience with each playthrough. The game incorporates various traps, enemies, and game mechanics, along with different power-ups to enhance the gameplay. Developed by Playgendary Limited, this arcade game is accessible online on any web browser, allowing players from different platforms to enjoy the thrilling adventure of navigating through the mysterious tomb​​.