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Enjoy Shape Shifter 2

“Shape Shifter 2” is an engaging puzzle platformer game that builds on the creative gameplay of its predecessor. The game features a unique mechanic where the player controls a character that can transform into three different forms – each with its own specific abilities and attributes. These transformations are key to solving the game’s puzzles and overcoming obstacles.

In each level of “Shape Shifter 2”, players must strategically use the abilities of the elephant, mouse, and hare forms to navigate through the game’s environment. The elephant form is strong and can break through barriers, the mouse is small and can fit through tight spaces, and the hare is agile and can jump high. This variety of forms and abilities requires players to think creatively and plan their moves to progress through the game.

The objective in each round is not only to reach the end but also to collect three stars that are strategically placed throughout the level. These stars add an additional layer of challenge and encourage exploration and experimentation with the character’s forms. The game is praised for its charming character animations and the creativity of its level design, although some players note that the controls can be a bit floaty, impacting the precision of platforming. Despite this, “Shape Shifter 2” is a fun and endearing game that is sure to provide a delightful experience to players who enjoy puzzle platformers.