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Let’s Play Papa’s Sushiriya

Papa’s Sushiria, released in 2016, is the thirteenth installment in the Papa’s series, taking players on a culinary adventure in the world of sushi. In this game, players assume the role of either Matt, Clover, or a custom worker, who start working at Papa’s Sushiria after accidentally breaking the lucky cat statue in the restaurant. This game introduces the art of sushi-making to the series, challenging players to create beautiful and delicious sushi rolls that cater to the tastes of their discerning customers.

The gameplay of Papa’s Sushiria includes an order station, a cook station, a roll station, and a tea station. At the cook station, players must carefully prepare sushi rice, cooking it to perfection before seasoning it with vinegar. Next, at the roll station, they must assemble the sushi rolls with a variety of ingredients, including fish, vegetables, and sauces. The tea station adds a unique twist to the game, tasking players with preparing and serving bubble tea to accompany the sushi rolls. This combination of gameplay elements offers a fresh and engaging experience for fans of the series.

Papa’s Sushiria builds upon the customer loyalty system introduced in earlier games, encouraging players to excel in customer satisfaction. As players progress, they will unlock new ingredients, enhancing the depth and variety of their sushi creations. With its detailed gameplay and beautiful presentation, Papa’s Sushiria is an excellent addition to the Papa’s series games and a must-try for sushi enthusiasts.Flipl