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About Crossy Chicken Game

“Crossy Chicken” is an online skill game where players control a chicken and navigate it through various obstacles. The game’s objective is to guide the chicken safely across a series of roads, avoiding trains, cars, and other hazards. It offers a classic arcade-style experience reminiscent of the famous game “Frogger.”

Players can use arrow keys/WASD to move the chicken, making sure it doesn’t get run over by oncoming vehicles. The game tests players’ timing, reflexes, and coordination as they must make quick decisions to cross the road successfully. The challenge lies in progressing as far as possible without getting crushed, all while collecting points along the way.

“Crossy Chicken” provides an entertaining and addictive gaming experience, and players can compete for high scores and achievements on the leaderboard. It offers a nostalgic throwback to classic arcade games and is suitable for players of all ages​​.