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Crossy Bridge

Control Keys: Left Click

In the Crossy Bridge game, you need to use left click or tap to help the car keep moving in right direction and not fall off the bridge.

“Crossy Bridge” is an arcade survival race game that challenges players to navigate a bridge with floating platforms. The objective is to move across the bridge while stopping in time to drive over these floating platforms. As you progress further in the game, you’ll encounter more consecutive floating platforms in a row. Players can collect coins found on the bridge, which can be used to unlock new cars. The game offers simple controls where you tap once to create a bridge to cross.

“Crossy Bridge” was released on April 28, 2021, by INFINITE BRIDGE and is available on Steam​​. The game features popular user-defined tags such as “Casual,” “Simulation,” “Automobile Sim,” “Arcade,” “3D Platformer,” “Side Scroller,” and more. It provides a fun and challenging experience as you test your reflexes to stop at the right time and drive over the floating platforms on the bridge​​.