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Armored Fighter New War

Armored Fighter New Y. Press A and D keys to move, aim and shoot with the mouse, press S to repair, and W to shield, and Space key is used to harvest Bio-Mass and Power.

In Armored Fighter New War, players can gain an advantage over their enemies by harvesting bio-mass and using it to upgrade their vehicle with new weapons and abilities. To do this, players must hold down the space key and aim the cyan ray at dead soldiers on the battlefield.

By harvesting bio-mass, players can earn power-ups and boost their shield, making their vehicle more powerful and resilient in combat. They can also use the bio-mass to purchase new implants from the implant store, which offer a range of different upgrades and abilities for the player’s robot.

Some of the implants available in the store include additional weapons, such as missile launchers and laser beams, as well as defensive upgrades like reinforced armor and energy shields. Players can choose which implants to purchase based on their playstyle and the challenges they are facing in the game.

Using implants and harvesting bio-mass is a key strategy in Armored Fighter New War, and players who are able to master this mechanic will have a significant advantage on the battlefield. By combining strong combat skills with strategic upgrades, players can lead their armored vehicle to victory in even the toughest missions and battles.