Play Relics of the Fallen Online

“Relics of the Fallen” is a turn-based dungeon crawler card game that incorporates roguelike elements, making each playthrough unique and challenging. Players select a hero and venture into various dungeons, engaging in battles against monsters, collecting items, and acquiring relics that enhance their capabilities. The gameplay is designed to require strategic thinking, as players must plan their moves carefully to survive against increasingly difficult foes and bosses​.

The game offers a variety of heroes, each with distinct abilities, which can be leveraged to navigate through the dungeons more effectively. The card-based mechanics add a layer of strategy, as players must decide the best use of the cards they draw to maximize their chances of survival. The roguelike nature of the game means that no two runs are the same, providing a fresh experience with each new game​​.

“Relics of the Fallen” is noted for its engaging and addictive gameplay, appealing to fans of strategy and card games alike. It’s available on multiple platforms, including web browsers and mobile devices, allowing players to enjoy the game in various settings. The game continuously evolves, with updates that add new content and features, keeping the community engaged and active​.