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Feed Us 4

Help the Pirhana fish to get out of the plane and then help it eat, rather drink the blood of human to grow. You can upgrade the fish as well. The fish moves to the direction of mouse pointer. Hit to destroy or drink blood.

“Feed Us 4” is the fourth installment in the popular action game series where you control a ravenous piranha on a quest for blood. The game begins with the piranha escaping from an airplane, diving into the ocean, and embarking on a series of bloody adventures. Your objective is to eat as many humans and other creatures as possible, upgrade your piranha, and complete various missions.

In “Feed Us 4,” you navigate through different environments, including dense jungles and exotic islands, encountering new challenges and enemies along the way. The game features more upgrades, hidden spots, and secret challenges than previous versions, providing a fresh and engaging experience.

Kids enjoy “Feed Us 4” because of its exciting gameplay and the thrill of upgrading their piranha to become the ultimate predator. They love exploring new environments and completing challenging missions. It’s a fun and dynamic game that tests their strategic thinking and reflexes.