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Enjoy all Unlocked Characters in the Crossy Road Game

“Crossy Road” is a popular mobile game known for its endless runner gameplay with a unique twist. In the game, players control a character (often an animal) and must navigate it across a series of roads, rivers, and other obstacles. The objective is to travel as far as possible without getting hit or falling into the water.

While the game starts with a default character, there are numerous unlockable characters available. These characters can be unlocked by collecting coins or by completing specific challenges within the game. Each character has its own unique appearance and may come with special abilities or features that make the gameplay more entertaining.

The “6 Unlocked Characters” you mentioned likely refers to a version of the game where six additional characters are already unlocked from the beginning. This allows players to enjoy a variety of characters and their abilities without having to go through the usual unlocking process.

“Crossy Road” is known for its charming pixel art graphics, addictive gameplay, and the thrill of trying to beat your high score. It has been praised for its simplicity and accessibility, making it a favorite among mobile gamers of all ages.